Movies with Winter Solstice themes?

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Our community children's circle is having a family sleepover this Friday night, and the organizer has asked for all of us to suggest any Yule/Winter Solstice type movies to show for part of the time.

Only I can't think of any.

Anything with fairies and winter? Something about the sun? Anything?
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Katherine Ariadne
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    Tue, December 19, 2006 - 7:08 PM
    Not a movie (and perhaps hard to find).....there IS an episode of Big Comfy Couch called the Longest Night, where the characters celebrate by spending the night awake and waiting for the sun to rise. It's available on VHS.

    Good for the little kids.
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      Tue, January 9, 2007 - 6:33 AM
      I remember that episode. I didn't see the beginning of it, but sat in rapt attention once I turned it on and figured out what they were talking about. This was several years ago.

      I have no idea where to find it, though. (And obviously didn't find it in time for this year.) I suppose I should start looking now in order to find it for next year.

      If anyone has ideas, post 'em here. :-)
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    Mon, December 6, 2010 - 7:23 PM
    I'm putting together a Winter Solstice Celebration @ our First Unitarian Universalist here in Rochester,Mn. as are other U.U.'s in Dallas,Florida & up in St.Paul where most partner w/ local Pagan groups or our owen Pagan interest within the U.U. While doing this event planning I too was looking for Solstice Movies for our children to watch. I have came to the conclusion that I would need to approach it differently. Meaning pick movies that have the symbolic reference which in truth is allmost if not every Holiday movie in this season. The key too it I think is by first teaching our kids the roots & how this has ben observed in all cultures from the time man looked up all the way to modern celebrations, once they know this it is easy for them to see how it is still alive today. Of course I would love to have a pure solstice movie,but I can't finde one. I know if you look at the Green man of the Celtic or German, Nordic & other civilizations you will find many. I personaly like the episode of The last Airbender when ang has to beet the fire nation on the solstice. This of course is 1 of many,Narnia is riddled w/ it but then it also has a heavy christian slant. We are doing allot of activities around this if you want more info. or ideas contact me. Of course happy feet has some of it too & there is the Hopi Nation's version in a cartoon storey but it's hard to get a hold of. The Romen & Egyptian is found in there mythology so it's as vast as man's beliefs & attempt to understand through out history.good luck

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